Made From Scratch

At Kitchen Table: BBQ & Comfort Food, we serve classic, midwestern comfort food made from scratch. Our Kansas City style BBQ, and classic American fare, are prepared fresh daily using only high quality ingredients. Every meat we serve is all natural, and we strive to use organic veggies whenever possible. One thing you will not find are processed foods - only whole ingredients.

From Dave Kilroy, Owner

I have had the dream of owning my own restaurant for a long time, and in November of 2013 I was able to make that dream come true when I opened Kitchen Table Cafe. I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City where I was baptized with a love of BBQ. My mom is from a small farming community in Kansas, and that is where my grandmother and grandfather taught me a love and reverence for scratch made food.

Serving this style of food, using only whole ingredients (all natural meats, fresh veggies - organic when possible) is something I am very passionate about. This is why the ingredients I cook with are such an important part of what Kitchen Table Cafe is all about.

All Natural & Organic Ingredients

We use products with the following grades, from these suppliers:

  • Brisket and Ground Beef: Gold Canyon - Never Ever Beef Program
  • Chicken: Red Bird (fried chicken) & Royal Crest All Natural Chicken (BBQ Chicken)
  • Pulled Pork: Seaboard Farms: All Natural Pork from Kansas 
  • Pork Spareribs: Seaboard Farms; All Natural Pork from Kansas
  • Dairy: We use high quality dairy products that are from cows never treated with rBGH or rBST. One company we love is Tillamook Cheese
  • Fruits and Veggies: We strive to use as many organic veggies as possible, and bring some dishes on and off our menu to highlight local, seasonal favorites like our Palisade Peach Crisp and Rasta Corn (featuring Olathe Sweet Corn).